• Welding Engineers have advanced technical knowledge in all aspects of the welding process
  • We are experts in material behaviour during welding, welding defects, their avoidance and repair
  • Efficient and high productivity welding procedure development to Australian and Capitalise international standards
  • Comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of welded structures in a vast range of applications
  • Qualified to develop pipeline welding procedures to AS2885.2
  • Demonstrated experience working under RMS welding specifications
  • Experts in welding quality management of power generation, pipeline and construction projects
  • Offer welding engineers, inspectors and supervisors

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    Gmc welding

    GMC Welding Consultants provides welding engineering, management and inspection services to construction, power generation, pipeline and associated industries. We have an established history of providing expert advice to our clients to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions to welding projects.

    GMC Welding Consultants deliver complete welding, testing and quality management solutions to our clients from concept through to commissioning and asset integrity. We provide an interface between the client and contractors to ensure that all aspects of welding quality are addressed according to applicable standards and specification. Our Engineers hold IWE qualifications and have degrees in Metallurgy. We offer in-house training to welders, supervisors, designers and engineers. We have extensive experience with the management of transmission pipeline and process equipment repair both in service and at shutdown periods.

    Our Commitment
    GMC welding Consultants have a strong commitment to safety. Our personnel have extensive experience in industries where health and safety regulations and procedures are at their most stringent. We are committed to ‘getting it right first time’ to avoid rework and consequential issues during service. Above all, our commitment is to the client and the protection of their personnel and investment.

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